What’s Going On Down There?

“Drs. Siddighi and Baum have made female pelvic health accessible and fun. If you want to really understand what is happening down under, pick up this book.”

Dr. Oz

Professor and Vice Chair of Surgery,
New York Presbyterian Columbia University

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If you are a woman between the ages of 40 and 90 and you have issues that occur in a woman’s pelvis, where do you turn for help? Online sources provide an abundance of information, but how do you know which are credible? How do you make sense of all the information you have found on the Internet? Oftentimes, bookstores provide books written in very technical language, and the solutions they provide are often difficult to understand.

Why Did We Write This Book?

We have read hundreds of books on the topic of pelvic health and have not found a single book that provided practical, credible, and easy-to-understand concepts. We have had so many patients in our practice ask us questions about their pelvic health, and we felt there was a need for a book that provides answers for patients before they seek medical advice.

Many women have only vague symptoms and have difficulty articulating their complaints to their physicians. Both of us have had patients who just complain about not being quite right “down there.” We hope this book will educate, inform, and empower women to clearly articulate what is bothering them. So when the doctor asks what is wrong, they can respond with a concise and clear explanation, and be forthright, detailed, and specific about their issues.

bonnie blair

This book is an awesome tool for all women. I really wish I had had this book right after my first child was born in 1998. I too am one of those women who lived in silence about what I realized was a real medical issue stress incontinence. At first I didn’t talk about it with my husband or my sister, who has kids and is a nurse. However, one year was long enough for me before I went to the doctor and started asking questions. But many women wait 5 to 10 years before seeking help. This book provides much-needed answers to many women’s health issues. As I near perimenopause, I find this book to be useful to me in my present life. It really is for women of varying ages, as we all go through things at different times and stages of our lives. I love how the authors provide information on different medicines, lists of questions to ask your doctor, and drawings that help with understanding it all—not to mention everything is in layman’s terms. Thanks for putting this resource together to answer all our questions about ‘down there.’

Bonnie Blair

Four-time Olympian with five Gold Medals
and one Bronze Medal, mother of two,
and former “down there” patient

This Book Covers the
Most Common Female Medical Conditions

We have taken hundreds of years of medical knowledge pertaining to women’s health issues including the latest medical breakthroughs and have distilled it down to the most important and easy to understand terms. As for the writing of this book, there is no other book available that discusses all the topics detailed in this book and in such a way to make it easily understandable, practical and useable for the average woman.

We have written a book that covers the most common female medical conditions (i.e., menopause, vaginal prolapse, hysterectomy, accidental bowel leakage, premenstrual syndrome, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, vaginal rejuvenation, stress, etc.) that affect nearly 65 million women in the United States above the age of 40. The number of affected women is expected to almost double by the year 2020.

We have deliberately excluded conditions such as sexually transmitted diseases, female infertility, pregnancy, and basic gynecologic issues as these conditions usually pertain to women younger than 40, and there are numerous credible sources of information about them. In addition, we do not discuss breast disease as this is beyond our areas of expertise, and there are many other books that have already illuminated this important topic.

The Authors are Experts in
the Field of Gynecology and Urology

This book is written by two expert physicians in the fields of gynecology and urology. We have 40-plus years of combined experience treating down there conditions. Our two areas of specialty in medicine are in a unique position to answer all the questions that women have regarding their pelvic tissues and female medical conditions. We both have academic appointments and are published authors in these topics. More importantly, we know firsthand the limited information available to our female patients, as well as their general lack of understanding and the challenges associated with asking the right questions of themselves and their healthcare providers.

We have combined our knowledge and passion by collaborating with two very talented individuals who have added another dimension to our book. Our collaborating writer, Michelle “Billie” Fitzpatrick, has done a tremendous job of organizing our writing and converting it into prose that is easy to read and really makes sense to women with no medical background.

We are also fortunate to be able to work with Gary Hallgren, who is a genius medical illustrator, and, among other accolades, has created all the drawings for Dr. Roizen and Oz’s popular “You Books”. The four of us have assembled a book that we feel will benefit all women, regardless of their age, their medical problems, and their medical background.

The problems that we discuss in this book are extremely common, and yet the majority of women know very little (if anything) about these conditions. Because of the thousands of patients that we have treated over the years, we have learned that these down there conditions are not discussed among friends, mothers, daughters, sisters, and grandmothers. In fact, our patients are often perplexed when we first tell them their diagnoses.

Your Unanswered Questions and Concerns – Answered!

We often hear comments such as, “I didn’t know that was possible,” or “I have never heard of that before,” or “Why didn’t my mother tell me this could happen?” We have both seen educated women from all walks of life who have a grapefruit-size fleshy protrusion from their vagina, and their best description of what is happening to them is, “Something is not right down there.”

We have also seen women that appear to be living normal lives, but unbeknownst to their family and friends are spending thousands of dollars on pads or diapers and dealing with their problems in secret. Why are they living this way? Why are they suffering in silence? We want to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Help is available, and we are going to tell you how to find the source of your problem and even how to find a
physician who can help you.

This book is intended to give you insight and knowledge about these very common conditions that you or a loved one may have. We want you to be aware that urinary incontinence is not a normal part of aging; sex is and can be enjoyable when you get older; and menopause can be the best time in your life. Thanks to the tremendous advancements doctors and scientists have made, most of the conditions we discuss are completely treatable.

We want to empower you so that you know when you should seek a second opinion. We have both had patients who, after mustering the courage to ask their doctor, were told that “not much can be done for that,” or “that is what happens when you age.” Some of our patients blatantly were given the wrong information. Women have been told that “it can’t be fixed” or that the “treatments do not last.” It is no wonder that by the time our patients see us, they have been suffering in silence with these down there conditions for at least five years.

Hopefully, reading this book will prevent this from happening to you. By reading this book, you will become confident about your choice of doctor and treatment plan. Knowing about your condition will make you a more educated patient. When you do find the right doctor, you will become a better partner with your doctor and help him/her to make the best healthcare decision for you.

We don’t want you to be embarrassed to talk to your friends, family, or doctor. It is okay to talk about the issues with the tissues down there. We hope that you will gather enough courage to join or even form your own book club to discuss the stories that were told in this book. To help you, we have included a list of discussion topics at the end of the book, if you are interested in participating in a book club.

If we have to recommend two books on female pelvic health, we suggest What’s Going on Down There? and suggest you read it twice!

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